Welcome to the DFA Online APOSTILLE Appointment System. Please be informed that DFA with authentication services are accepting applicants through the following options:
OPTION 1: WALK-IN (Limited slots per day depending on the capacity of the Consular Office)
You may avail the walk-in facility if you are:
1. Document owners (If the documents are under their name); or
2. Documents of immediate family members (If the documents are under the name of their family relatives. Proof of kinship must be presented such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, IDs, among others).
OPTION 2: ONLINE APPOINTMENT (through this website https://www.apostilleonline.ph)
You may avail the online appointment facility if you are:
1. Document owners or document of immediate family members; or:
2. Authorized Representatives that are not family related to the document owner (i.e. liaison officers).


This appointment and scheduling system allocates slots on a first come, first served basis.
Users accept the responsibility for supplying, checking, and verifying the accuracy and correctness of the information they provide on this system in connection with their application. Incorrect or inaccurate information supplied may result in forfeiture of authentication application.
For Sites utilizing the ePayment System, all fees are non-refundable. Fees shall be forfeited for applicants who fail to show up on their confirmed appointment, applicants who cancel their appointment, applicants whose application was rejected due to inconsistency and/or incorrect information, and applicants who present discrepant and/or spurious documents.


The available appointment slots are limited to stem the transmission of COVID-19 and to comply with IATF mandated health protocols. Your preferred date and time may not always be available. We apologize for any inconvenience as we continue to improve our services.


Please exercise extreme caution when dealing with individuals offering their assistance to expedite your appointment for a fee. The online appointment service of the DFA is FREE OF CHARGE. There are no expedited appointments. Submission of falsified documents including the Appointment Slip will be dealt with accordingly.
Authorized representatives are only allowed to apply for the documents of THREE (3) DOCUMENT OWNERS per day.